The cooperation

Or if you would like to call yourself sponsor or fan. Regardless of who you are, it is easy and fun to be inspired by people who accomplish a bit more from all their potential. They can create energy and you can have a feeling of “Now I would like to do something to challenge myself”. But it can also give the opposite effect. It is not always easy to become inspired by yet another adventurer or mountaineering escapade that is to be applied to a company structure.

Being inspired by a wheelchair-bound disabled athlete is a little different. Here we can see a person who tosses his own injury story overboard and only concentrates on his opportunities from his own perspective. Use it for inspiration, become curious, follow along on social media and on the internet.

How does driving with your hands work from a technical perspective? How do you get the feeling of driving? What is required of you?

Come closer to the driver and thus the one who knows the technique. Driving events and lectures provide a hands-on experience and an intellectual exchange.

Come along, hang out on the internet and join in on one of the races.

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